Gaming Machine Service (Level M2)
Certification Track Courses

  • Introduction to Troubleshooting Slot Machines
  • Removing and Replacing Slot Machine Components
  • Slot Machine Preventative Maintenance
  • Installing Progressive Systems
  • Troubleshooting Progressive Games
  • Introduction to Computers
  • Setting Up a Computer
  • Network Theory
  • Network Communications and Data Delivery
  • Network Media and Hardware
  • Network Implementations
  • Networking with TCP/IP
  • TCP/IP Services

The Gaming Machine Service (Level M2) certification track is generally intended to address the fundamental knowledge and skill requirements to perform preventative maintenance, basic service, and basic repair on many common networked and stand-alone gaming machines.

Recommended prerequisite knowledge and skills: Completion of Gaming Machine Support (Level M1) certification.

Suggested follow-on activity: Immediate application of new knowledge and skills under direct supervision in a hands-on environment.

Estimated hours of training: 14-16
Estimated hours for certification exam: 1

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